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This site provides you with tips and tricks for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth game.

Below I will show you the ways to get the thrid city. To build the third city you will need a third city deed.

There are basically 5 ways to get one:

1) Buy the deed. It’s a different deed for second city then for third. This is the most expensive but it’s also guaranteed. Currently the second city deed costs 225 mithril. Personally I recommend this one but it depends on your budget.

2) Win one. Gollum Premium is more likely to drop a second city deed then the daily free but I have seen somebody get one from the daily free. I got one from the Premium.

3) Attack 6-10 level Goblin Camps and other players to collect relics. Before you embark on this route I would suggest you prepare yourself. The Sages Tower is only used for storing and protecting relics. Once you build a Sages Tower you can’t ever tear it down. So if you don’t plan to go the relics route skip the Sages Tower quest and save yourself a square that can be an extra barracks. But if you are interested in this route upgrade your Sages Tower to at least 8 before you start and towards the back I have a chart on which types of troops to use on which goblin camps to minimize your losses. And don’t forget that other players can steal your relics from you, whether they want to or not.

4) You can buy a relic chest for 25 mithril but the drop rates are pretty low. If you don’t get that city deed then you’re going to be in the same spot as #3 above.

5) You can buy a super special something chest. They sell these from time to time. Promise you the possibility of winning all kinds of cool things including Hobbit Building Crews, City Deeds and such. If you regularly play and win the lottery then this is the option for you. Otherwise, join the rest of us in reality and keep your money.

After that you will need to conquer a plain. I like to get a plain with cool coordinates such as 100 x 100.

To get the cool plains coordinates I am using a tool from Hobbit Kom Secrets.

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